Game: Ernest Szoka (Ottawa Canada)

Music: James Cox and Neil Aguilan

Release Date: February 7th 2014 (this Friday)

iOS (univeral)
Android (universal)

Price: Free To Play




Feel like the world is against you?

Have a penchant for magical swords?

Do you enjoy that cathartic moment where you push your opponent off a very, very high place in the sky and then watch him scream as he falls to his demise down below?

Then you should play ONLY ONE for iOS and Android!

It’s Highlander meets Zelda meets Jet Li's the One. (with a little Golden Axe thrown in there too)

Only One is a retro indie arena style top down sword fighting game where you pick up a magic sword, declare that you are the “Only One” and then proceed to destroy and push waves of enemies off a sacrificial pillar in the sky.

* Retro pixel art graphics and music
* Physics based sword combat with parry and shield mechanics
* Upgrade your character over time with better stats and really cool abilities like push, freeze, bubble, whirlwind and dart
* 70 levels of soldiers, slimes, archers, wizards, loot gnomes, berserkers and mini bosses
* Push your opponents off the pillar for easy kills and more points or strike them where they stand to get their loot
* Ladder based levelling with checkpoints every 10 levels, score resets each time you die

Free to play with reasonable and affordable IAP

Game controller support (currently Android only)
Leaderboards (currently iOS only)

Coincidentally Only One was also made entirely by only one developer Ernest Szoka, with the exception of music provided by Jimecide (James Cox and Neil Aguilan)


PocketGamer - 9/10 "A brilliantly paced, sharp-edged brawler "

TouchArcade - 4.5/5  "game with depth well beyond what you would expect"

148 Apps - 4/5 " fun is definitely how I’d describe Only One"

TouchArcade - Pixely Hack 'n Slasher 'Only One' is Now Available in the App Store

148 Apps Only One Review 4/5

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TouchArcade - Ernest Szoka's 'Only One' Finally Submitted to Apple


Only One came about by my own frustration as indie deveveloper when my first project did so poorly. I was pretty frustrated with myself and my ability to makes game so I wanted to make something to vent my frustrations and personify my experience at the same time, and so Only One was born. I often consider games a metaphor for the real life battles we experience daily as we try to accomplish our goals and fend of the constant obstacles that get in our way. It's this personal battle of trying to put together a game by yourself and being the 'Only One' in it that drove the theme for this game.


The core game play of Only One is sword fighting. All objects are physics based so attacks will push enemies away. Sword hits that occur in relatively the same time cause a parry and both parties are pushed away. Opponents that carry shields will automatically block hits if the shield carrier is facing the attack and is not attacking in that moment, but will degrade the shield. The key to defeating an opponent is to use "position" to attack the enemy from behind where he cannot parry/block, or to use "timing" to attack just after the opponent has attacked and is vulnurable because he has let his guard down.

Non mellee units like archers,wizards and slimes must be dodged or blocked. Projectiles from archers/wizards can also be deflected using the push ability or in the case of archers with a shield and the "reflecktor" ability. Deflect projectiles damage enemies and is a useful tactic to defeating them.

Game is FREE to play, currency is power orbs (PWR), it's like XP. There is no special currency. abilities/stats/upgrades cost between 2400 - 8500 power. You can also upgrade those abilities further. Highest priced item is the final heart upgrade (bringing total health to 10) and costs 64000 PWR, but has little impact in winning the game since health drops are abundant.

You can get over 1000 PWR in just a few minutes without paying for anything. If you want everything and make your hero overpowered it's going to take grinding or IAP. It's possible with enough skill to beat the game without ever buying more powers or upgrading your characters let alone pay for IAP or grind. 

The score resets every time you die, so it's going to take skill to play the game from start to finish without ever dying to get the highest score. There are leaderboards on iOS. You get more score for punting ppl of the edge, but you miss out on their loot drops.

The game is pretty easy for the first 30 levels then the last 40 are incrementally way harder. When you die you can resume every 10th last level + 1 (1,11,21,31,41,51,61) and are give the option to start at of those check points, so you never have to start at the beginning unless your aim is to get the high score.

Only One is written in LUA using Corona SDK with code, art, sound effects all done by Ernest Szoka. James Cox and Neil Aguilan provide the awesome 8-bit inspired soundtrack.

Only One supports game controllers on Android. Game controller support for iOS is forthcoming when Corona SDK implements it into their SDK for iOS. Android leaderboards are also planned.





(sizes 29, 57, 72,100,114,155 and 512)






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